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Social Services Europe aims to strengthen the profile and position of social services, and promote the role of not-for-profit social service providers in Europe. The network seeks to ensure that the specificity of not-for-profit social and healthcare service providers be recognised and that economic, social and legal conditions exist for quality social and healthcare services.  We also wish to redress the lack of qualitative and quantitative data on social dialogue in the social service sector from an employers’ perspective and promote a culture of effective social dialogue and industrial relations.


We do this through:

  • Advocacy work including briefing- and position papers

  • Networking and alliance-building

  • Projects investigating service organization and delivery


Social Services Europe intends to reinforce the activities of its member organisations on the Impact of EU legislation on SSGI; Staff and HR issues; Social Innovation; Structural Funds and the Contribution of Social Services to Overall EU Policy.

Why we do it? 

Now is the time when providers of health and social services can and should have an impact on the development of EU strategies on SSGI. The current debates around Europe 2020, quality in SSGI, public procurement and social innovation/experimentation show that SSGI are attracting a lot of attention, and that there is space for a formal, strong network that can promote the not-for-profit agenda. 


Social and health care providers need to build up capacity as advocates and as influencers. Pooling resources and contacts with the most important European umbrella organisations of social service providers seems to be a good strategy to increase effectiveness of our lobby activities. The co-operation is based on mutual interest, shared responsibilities, pooling of information, respect for the specificities of each organisation and consensus.

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