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National meetings in Ireland

The first national capacity meeting took place in Dublin, Ireland, on 29th February 2016. Hosted by the Disability Federation of Ireland, the meeting was attended by a mix of employer and trade union representatives. There was an overall interest in Social Dialogue for the sector and an agreement that there is a social services sector gap. Employer representatives agreed they would be interested in having a second meeting again later in the year.


The second national capacity meeting, which was this time restricted to employer representatives, took place in the Disability Federation of Ireland on the 26th of September 2016.

Over the coming weeks a number of bi-lateral meetings will take place with employers to measure their willingness to engage in the PESSIS process. A date at the start of February has been pencilled in for the final national capacity meeting.  However, this will only go ahead if  it becomes clear over the next month, in the bi-laterals, that there is sufficient interest among employers to participate.

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