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Second National meetings in Czech Republic and Spain in June 2016

Second national meeting in Czech Republic
8th June 2016

The second national meeting of the project PESSIS III took place on June 8, 2016. Jiří Horecký from APSS ČR, UZS ČR (Employer Union) welcomed all and briefly summarised the outcomes of the previous national  meeting for new participants.

A the meeting were discussed the following issues:

  • The necessity of strengthening social dialogue on the EU level and enabling the participation of the particular national representatives.

  •  A possibility of realising a joint project (employers and Trade Unions in social services in the Czech Rep.) with particular aims:

    • Strengthening the national structures

    • Starting a membership in EU Employers institutions (like HOSPEEM, etc.)

    • Involving public services as a whole, thus also education

    • Monitor suitable calls and start project frames (employers and Trade Unions).

  • Topics and open matters for the third meeting planned on 1st December 2016.


The meeting was attended by: APSS ČR, UZS ČR (Employer Union); Diakonie ČCE; APSS ČR (Employer Union); OSZSP ČR (Trade Union); UZS (Employer Union); UZS (Employer Union); APSS ČR (Employer Union).

Second national meeting in Spain
9th June 2016


The Spanish confederation of Special Employmet Centers (CONACEE) which includes more than 65% of the special employment centers in Spain and more than 20.000 employees with disabilities, hosted the third meeting of the partners of the project PESSIS III. The project aims at promoting recognition at the European level for the socials services sector to participate in social dialogue as employers.

To achieve a real impact on European policies, a minimum representation of 50% of the social sector is needed. The European social sector represents 10, 7 € of the active population in the EU and has not been involved in the Europe 2020 strategy until recently. The European social dialogue is sectoral and inter-sectoral, including 43 sectors with sectoral committees that represent the 80% of the active population in the EU.

The second national meeting was held in Spain on the 9th of June. During this meeting, participants presented the strategy and recommendations for the Spanish social sector. These key recommendations will be debated until November to unify between all Spanish partners a common Declaration coming from the social sector that will be presented at the European Parliament. In parallel, the same exercise will be followed in other European countries participating in PESSIS III.



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