SSE Contibution to EC Call for Evidence

Brussels, 30th September 2022

SSE Contribution to the EC Call for Evidence for a
Commission Proposal for a Council Recommendation on Social Economy Framework Conditions

Social Services Europe (SSE) welcomes the European Commission proposal for a Council Recommendation to be presented in 2023. SSE contributes to this recommendation due to our extensive knowledge of the realities and needs of not-for-profit social services providers within the social economy. SSE also highlights that more than a third of the (estimated) 13.8 million paid jobs in the social economy are provided by social services.

Therefore, SSE recommends the following:

  • Promote socially responsible public procurement (SRPP).

  • Promote legal and political recognition for alternative instruments to public procurement.

  • Revise State Aid rules to ensure more accessibility to not-for-profit social services within the
    social economy.

  • Promote and reinforce structured dialogue in all sectors of the Social Economy.

  • Nominate social economy ambassadors.

  • Ensure investment for the sustainability and impact of not-for-profit social services within the social economy.

  • Provide training and awareness raising activities.

  • Encourage that any future guidance addresses social economy organisations.

  • Address low wages and precarious working conditions in the sector through the proposed national social economy strategies.


You can read the full SSE Contribution submitted by clicking here.