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Past Events



Virtual, 20/10/2020 Eurodiaconia: Online Seminar on Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF)

Virtual, 13/10/2020 Eurodiaconia: Webinar on the Semester & the Recovery Funds

Virtual, 8/10/2020 Empowering services


Virtual, 29-30/09/2020 EPR Online Conference – Embracing Digital Transformation: Inspiration and Innovation for Quality Services

Brussels, 25/06/2020 Online summit: Social Services and COVID-19. What role for the EU?

Brussels, 3/06/2020 Webinar: Helpdesk on Support to Social Services to Respond to Covid-19 Crisis

Brussels, 31/3/2020 Seminar: Access to Accomodation as a Precondition to the Social Inclusion of Migrants and Asylum-Seekers in the EU

Rennes, 3/02/2020 Improving the Labour Market Inclusion of Migrants and Refugees

Brussels, 21/01/2020 Do Social Services Matter for EU?



Brussels, 22/11/2019 Partnerships for job creation conference

Brussels, 24/10/2019 Integrating the EUROPEAN PILLAR OF SOCIAL RIGHTS and the SDGs in the European Semester

Rennes, 15/10/2019 National Awareness Raising Event (Employment)

Brussels, 07/10/2019 Quality Social Services: a Key to Implement Social Rights


Brussels, 24/04/2018 The role of Social Services implementing the European Pillar of Social Rights

Brussels, 23/03/2018 Launch of the Third Overview of Housing Exclusion in Europe 2018

Brussels, 27/02/2018 "Moving forward together - Red Cross approach to the social inclusion of migrants"

Brussels, 30/01/2018 European Parliament event: Coproducing Employment Initiatives for Young Persons with Disabilities and Mental Health Problems


Brussels 27/11/2017 Conference: The EU Investment Plan Investing in Social Care & Support

Brussels 23/11/2017 European Parliament Seminar: Implications of the EU Working Time Directive on the European Pillar of Social Rights

Brussels 20/10/2017 Launch of the Federation of European Social Employers

Brussels 22/11/2017 European Parliament Debate on Recruitment & Retention in Social Services: Unlocking the Sector's Job Creation Potential

Madrid 22/09/2017 Seminar: Accessing better loans through the EU Investment Plan

Brussels 14/09/2017 Seminar: Accessing better loans through the EU Investment Plan

Helsinki 01/09/2017 Seminar: Accessing better loans through the EU Investment Plan

Brussels 12/07/2017 Implementing the European Pillar of Social Rights: obstacles and opportunities

Vienna 03/07/2017 Accessing better loans through the EU Investment Plan

Brussels 21/06/2017 D.E.S.C. conference on: Implementing employment strategies to secure career paths for people with disabilities

Brussels 01/06/2017 Roundtable lunch debate: For a European Pillar of Enforceable and Universal Social Rights: What's Next?

Brussels 04-05/05/2017 ESF Thematic Network on Inclusion: Supporting Pathways Out of Homelessness with ESF, Organised with support from FEANTSA

Brussels 03/05/2017 Eurodiaconia/PICUM event: Improving labour market integration of young migrants


​​Brussels 04/10/2016 PESSIS III project: 2nd European Social Dialogue Meeting

Brussels 23/03/2016 4Quality Final Conference

Brussels 21/01/2016 PESSIS III project:  Kick-of meeting


Brussels 01/12/2015 Hearing at the European Parliament on Job Creation

Berlin 16-17/11/2015 Eurodiaconia: Employment in Diaconia Network Meeting

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