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SSE Meeting with CZ Minister

Prague, 11.11.22 – 1.45-2.30 pm

Meeting of SSE Delegation (Mathieu DE POORTER & Jiří HORECKÝ)
with Marian Jurečka, Czech Minister of Labour and Social Affairs

On Friday, 11 November 2022, a delegation of Social Services Europe (SSE) – consisting of Mathieu de Poorter, CEDAG and President of SSE, and Jiří Horecký, EAN and Board Member – met in Prague with Marian Jurečka, the Czech Minister of Labour and Social Affairs and Czech Deputy Prime Minister. In the context the Czech Presidency of the European Union (EU), this meeting followed-upon an online exchange between the Minister and the SSE Board organised early May 2022.

The meeting was organised around three main topics:
1. European Care Strategy & Council Recommendation on Long-Term Care
2. Energy poverty and impact of energy crisis on social service providers
3. Social service providers reacting to Ukraine crisis

At the end of the exchange, the SSE delegation raised concerns about the low level of involvement of civil society organisations in the preparation of the EU Social Forum. The event held last 16 and 17 November 2022 in Brussels thematically focused on the social dimension of the green transition.

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