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Social Services Europe: Response to the Social Investment Package

In response to the recently published Social Investment Package (SIP) by the European Commission, Social Services Europe -of which EASPD is a member- has issued a policy paper indicating their opinion on the proposed package. 


As a whole, the 9-members of Social Services Europe welcomed the fundamental and positive re-orientation in the way that the European institutions and its Member States approach Social policy. In particular, the position paper welcomes the calls on Member States to regard social policy not only as a cost, but also as a social investment that leads to important economic and social returns over time.


However, Social Services Europe also believes that there is a clear contradiction between the EU’s promotion of social investment on the one side, whilst also promoting a policy of austerity on the other. Furthermore, Social Services Europe is also concerned about the overall orientation of the SIP which appears to focus more on employment than on social rights or wellbeing.


Nevertheless, Social Services Europe welcomes the overall package and offers to develop a partnership with the European Commission over the next few years in order to ensure that the SIP is fully and effectively implemented by Member States. 


  • For access to the full document, including other key messages and ideas, please click here.





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