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SSE Webinar

Online, 31st March 2023

SSE Webinar “Supporting social service providers to address increased energy costs and the cost-of-living crisis”

EASPD, the Social Employers, Caritas Europa, Eurodiaconia and the Red Cross EU Office have carried out surveys and research with their national members since the beginning of autumn to better understand the impact of the cost-of-living crisis on their members and on their members’ beneficiaries.

EASPD’s Initial Snapshot Report sets out the context and the reasons for organising the webinar. One main insight highlighted there is that “with the consequences of post-pandemic inflation still being felt and the resilience of (…) social services, still largely impaired, the war on Ukraine is accompanied by a further surge in commodity prices, including oil, energy, and food. (…) Rising inflation, particularly the energy crisis, is putting at risk the financial sustainability of both service providers and the people who rely on support services.”


The SSE webinar has three objectives:

  • First, the collected by SSE members, and an which have been .

  • Second, the by SSE members .

  • Third, an of social service providers to be rolled out (at different levels of government).

EASPD has issued in early November 2022 its Initial Snapshot Report: The impact of the rising cost of living on service providers in the disability sector. The Social Employers have in October 2022 published the Briefing Note “Energy crisis: from emergency measures to more sustainable social services”. Caritas Europa and Eurodiaconia issued the results of their joint survey, see press release “Stark warning on Europe’s cost of living crisis”, with a link presenting the answers to the questions of the survey. The other SSE members mentioned will soon issue the results of their surveys and policy recommendations.

You can find the Concept Note and the Draft Agenda of the event here.

To participate please register here.

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