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Social Services Europe aims to strengthen the profile and position of social services, and to promote the role of not-for-profit social service providers throughout Europe.

Furthermore, the network wants to ensure that the specificity of not-for-profit social and health care service providers is recognised and that adequate economic, social and legal conditions exist for quality social and health care services.

Finally, Social Services Europe seeks to redress the lack of qualitative and quantitative data on social dialogue issues in the sector of social services from the perspective of employers and promote a culture of effective social dialogue and industrial relations.


Social Services Europe’s main activities include:​

What we do


Advocacy work including the development of briefings and position papers which highlight our positions and views



Social Services Europe members build on close cooperation with EU Institutions, Civil Society Organisations and other relevant stakeholders. The majority of our members are members of the Social Platform, an alliance of representative European federations and networks of non-governmental organisations active in the social sector.


Projects investigating how services are delivered and their organisation. Currently, we are running a project aiming at promoting employers’ social services organisation in social dialogue: PESSIS

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