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with a seat for the directors and presidents of all members.


composed of the directors of each member network, which is chaired by one member in a rotation pattern of six months at a time.


composed of staff from the members with the objective to meet and discuss on current issues in Social Services and identify common proposals to be brought to the Board for action.


can be established for specific tasks and/or around specific themes by the Board. They are composed of staff or other identified experts from among the members. Partners of Social Services Europe or external experts can be invited when required. The Task Forces work on the basis of terms of reference, defined and approved by the Board, which clearly state the objectives, inputs and duration of each Task Force.

Social Services Europe is established as a formal, legally based association under Belgian ASBL/VZW status. Social Services Europe intends to have a ‘light’ structure based on expertise and capacity available in the membership. It formalises co-operation in areas of common interest and where common agreement can be found.

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