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SSE Letter to the EC on “Actions and investments needed to support social service providers to address the increased energy costs and the cost-of-living crisis”

Brussels, 20th December 2022

Social Services Europe (SSE) on 20 December wrote an Open Letter to express the utmost concern regarding the pressure stemming from the rising of the energy costs and the cost-of-living crisis. 

Members of Social Services Europe (SSE) have run surveys or had exchanges with their national members to collect evidence on the impact of the increased energy costs and of the rising cost of living on their organisations and the provision of the social services as well as on their users. The exchanges included the collection of solutions already being realised and the elaboration of policy recommendations for emergency, mid- and long-term measures.


Social service providers are caught between recovery and new challenges. As an EU-level umbrella organisation for social service provider representatives across Europe, SSE urges:

  • The need to protect the capacity and resilience of social service providers in the face of new societal changes, pandemics, and geopolitical instabilities.

  • The need to increase financial support in accordance with inflation rate from the relevant public authorities.

  • Long-term oriented and/or resilience-building measures are also crucial.

  • The need for investments in sustainable and energy-efficient services and infrastructures.

  • The money attributed in the ESF+ Programme 2021-2027 for a target group or EU-level policy initiative should not be diverted, as the social needs identified still persist.

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