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Care4Skills is an innovative project designed to tackle the pressing issue of skills gaps in the European Long-Term Care (LTC) sector. It is structured as a "Blueprint for sectoral cooperation on skills in Long-Term Care”, reflecting its ambition to create a new strategic approach to skills development. The project is deeply rooted in a collaborative partnership model, bringing together a diverse range of stakeholders from across Europe, including LTC providers, VET providers, higher education institutions, and certification body. The project is dedicated to tackling the skills gaps in the sector, covering not only the needs of frontline staff, predominantly women, but also of managers and directors of services.


To achieve its goals, Care4Skills will work toward 8 main objectives: 

  • Provide Rapid Response to urgent skills needs in LTC, resulting from COVID-19, by offering training programmes for upskilling and reskilling of the workforce;​​

  • Gather skills intelligence in the LTC with a focus on digital and person-centred care (resilience) skills, and develop a common methodology for anticipating future skill needs and monitoring the progress of skill supply and demand;​​

  • To identify occupational profiles that need to be revised or created and their corresponding skill needs as well as the required proficiency level;​​

  • Respond to emerging training needs and occupational profiles through the design of transnational vocational training content and related qualifications for upskilling the LTC workforce;​

  • Ensure that more LTC workers are trained in person-centered care and digital skills;​​

  • Expand uptake and initiate certification of curricula at the national and European level;​​

  • Ensure that skills in LTC remain high on the political agenda at both European and national levels in the years to come;​​

  • Enlarge the Partnership for Skills in LTC to encompass the broader sector and a variety of stakeholders.

Main Target Groups

  • SWA: Social work assistant 3412.5 (TG1) are practice-based professionals who promote social change and development, social cohesion, and the empowerment and liberation of people.​

  • SCW: Social care workers 3412.4, (TG2) provide support and help people with care services. They help people to live full and valued lives in the community.​

  • NP: Nursing Professionals 2221 (TG3) provide treatment, support and care services for people who are in need of nursing care due to the effects of ageing, injury, illness or other physical or mental impairment, or potential risks to health.​

  • MNG: Social Services Manager 1344.1 (TG4) have the responsibility for strategic and operational leadership and management of staff teams and resources within and or across social services.


1 March 2024 - 29 February 2028

Project Partners

27 partners ​

6 European networks (EASPD, EAN, EPSU, Social Employers, EVBB, SSE) ​

21 sector representatives, Service Providers, VET Providers, Higher Education Institutions & Certification body (UNIPSO, NASO, DAYANA, APSS, TUKENA, Taitotalo, NEXEM, IRTS-HDF, CAC, AMIMONI, AKMI, CAN, AIAS, APRO, Actiz, AVANS+, iSocial, JKUL, TUV HELLAS S.A., UH, MECSES)


Project Website

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