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SSE Contribution to the EC call for evidence on an EC proposal for a legislative initiative on cross-border activities of associations

Brussels, 28th October 2022


SSE welcomes the new impetus aiming at adopting common minimum standards for non-profit organisations in the EU and a European Statute for European Associations, supported by the Resolution of the European Parliament (EP) of 17 February 2022 which called for such a statute. SSE also welcomes the European Commission’s (EC) commitment to respond to the EP Resolution with a legislative act and the related EC call for evidence for an impact assessment launched on 5 August 2022.

Therefore, SSE Consultation is based on four main points:

I. Need for EU action.

II. Planned options to solve the identified problems.

III. Expected impact of the planned options.

IV. Input on any further issues to consider in developing this policy field.


You can read the full SSE Contribution submitted by clicking here.

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