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EC Proposal for a Directive on European Cross-Border Associations (COM(2023) 516 final)
Joint Reply to the EC Call for Evidence

Brussels, 4th March 2024

The non-profit sector has been following with great interest the process of the establishment of a European Cross-Border Association directive, as an important step for the creation of the ‘Single Market for the Public Good’. In particular, a broad coalition of civil society and non-profit organisations is contributing to the legislative process of the approval of the ECBA Directive. The organisation hereby co-signing this joint contribution are part of this coalition.

AIM, CEDAG, CSE, PHILEA, SEE and SSE welcome the proposed Directive for the establishment of a European Cross-Border Association (ECBA) and consider that this legislative initiative can pave the way for future similar legal initiatives for other non-profit organisations such as foundations and mutual benefit societies.

Read here the joint Reply.

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